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SunModo to Introduce SunTurf® Elevated Racking Systems

Navigating obstacles on the roof or ground used to be one of a solar installer’s worst challenges. Today, the easy, affordable solution is SunTurf, SunModo’s newest solar racking innovation for residential and commercial ground-mounted and elevated roof-mounted systems. SunModo introduced the improved SunTurf line after many years of field experience with SunBeam®, the industry’s most popular elevated system. SunTurf racking can

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TerraSmart to Announce A Breakthrough Bifacial Racking Solution

A pioneer in turnkey ground mount racking solutions, TerraSmart has unveiled GLIDE, its latest ground screw-based racking design for utility-scale solar projects.  GLIDE is infused with bifacial module compatibility allowing complete exposure of the module to maximize potential backside power yield. Carrying forward TerraSmart’s long tradition of accommodating slope tolerances up to 36%, GLIDE’s intuitive design pulls forward 10 years of direct

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For maximum stability: The new AeroFlat by IBC SOLAR

IBC SOLAR, a global leader in photovoltaic (PV) systems and energy storage, is enhancing its mounting system portfolio with the new IBC AeroFlat. The system was especially designed for foil and bituminous roofs and guarantees maximum stability. Credit: IBC SOLAR The new mounting system AeroFlat is an extension of our well-known IBC AeroFix and allows mounting without penetrating the roof.

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KB RACKING to launch three new mounting systems

KB Racking has successfully launched three new mounting systems. BarnRack 2.0 and SeamRack 2.0 are newly updated metal roof systems and ReziRack 2.0 is a shingle roof mounting solution. The robust racking solutions feature low overall system weight, the minimum number of components and accommodate all standard size framed PV modules. KB Racking’s superior mounting solutions withstand the harshest of

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Midsummer to launch its new energy producing metal sheet roof “Midsummer solar roof”

Swedish solar energy technology leader Midsummer, today launches its new energy producing metal sheet roof “Midsummer solar roofs”.This signals a broader effort to expand from mainly selling production equipment for thin film solar panels into the end market for solar panels for various roofs, facades, vehicles etc through in-house production and via contract manufacturers. To meet increasing demand from mainly the

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