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CIGS White Paper 2019 now available

The new edition of the CIGS White Paper has been published today. In a joint press release, research institutes ZSW and HZB describe why thin-film PV, in particular CIGS, is a key technology to drive global energy transition. The CIGS White Paper 2019 is available for download. Source: Please follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter and subscribe to our website and receive notifications of new posts

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Bifacial PERC Technology Gains Pace As Module Efficiency Increases up to 0.2% Every Six Months

Since its founding 18 years ago, LONGi Solar is dedicated to the continuous development of mono technology. Today’s its Hi-MO range of monocrystalline PERC modules leads the industry with high power, low LID and high energy yield. Hi-MO3, the latest addition to the family launched in 2018, is a next generation bifacial module built with monocrystalline half-cut cells. Hi-MO2 offers

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