Eni and ENEA launch a joint scientific research and technology partnership

Eni and ENEA have signed a partnership to start research in strategic scientific and technological areas which have considerable potential impact for the Country, including the circular economy, alternative energy and environmental protection. The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the Chairman of ENEA, Federico Testa, and the CEO of Eni, Claudio Descalzi, at the Agency’s headquarters in Rome today.

Based on this agreement, Eni and ENEA will combine their experience and competences of excellence to develop a joint action program to promote innovative technological solutions. More specifically, the parties will assess topics linked to the circular economy and new sustainable economic models; to the production of low and no greenhouse gas emission energy (including solar concentration, photovoltaic and biomasses); energy storage technologies; energy efficiency; digitalisation; environmental monitoring and protection, with reference specific focus climate change.

“I am delighted to announce the launch of this partnership with ENEA”, said Claudio Descalzi. “ENI and ENEA have several goals in common when it comes to research and innovation. This collaboration will enable us place a greater emphasis on environmental and digital technologies, with a potentially significant impact for the country. This agreement is evidence of our strategic commitment to decarbonisation, reducing emissions and developing renewable energies. We are dedicating more internal resources and collaborating with the best national and international research and innovation centers. We remain focused on developing technological solutions for the circular economy applied to business; widening the concept of efficiency, reducing waste and extracting value from waste materials”.

“On signing this understanding we aim to increase our collaboration with Eni, already considerable in other important joint national projects and, in particular, in the ‘National Technological Energy Cluster’ coordinated by ENEA and set up last year. Today’s agreement will enable us to develop strong synergy between the specific areas of ENEA, like our technical-scientific competences and the technological transfer to companies role, and the commitment Eni has towards energy and the environment, strategic subjects for us. I am convinced that formalising this collaboration will have positive effects for the Country in terms of de-carbonising the economy, environmental sustainability and new employment”, declared the chairman of ENEA, Federico Testa.

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