Solar Double Skin Façade: A highly profitable investment by Onyx Solar

Payback Solar Glass for construction

The great performance of Onyx Solar’s cladding turns it into an unbeatable solution to renovate any building and make it a green building.

The studies measuring Onyx Solar´s glass performance in double skin façades installed in Miami, New York, and Las Vegas, proves that Onyx PV cladding is a highly profitable investment. Thanks to the energy production offered by the glass, plus the energy savings brought by the double skin system – which can be up to 53%, owners can lock the electricity cost below $0.02/kWh for the next 30 years. These outstanding savings boost the investment’s profitability by an average of 26%, recovering the whole investment in 3 years.

This quick and easy-to-install solution is competitively priced, similar to other conventional building materials’ price. Also, it provides a source of clean, free energy and undeniable aesthetics, increasing the value of any property.

payback tableirr table

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